Mining pools list

This is the list of the pools that you can join in order to do pool mining for Bitcoins and other alternative coins. Before you start make sure that you have created a wallet and that you have registered an account on popular exchanges where you can exchange cons for cash or alternative coins for bitcoins.

Top Bitcoin mining pools list

Pool NameCoinsPayment ModesFeeSizeNotes
Hash to CoinsMULTI !!!PROP0 %<1%Multi-coin, no fees!!!
MULTI !!!PPLNS & PPS1%< 1%Multi-coin / Easy to use Mining Software!!!
NiceHashMULTI !!!PPS2%<1%Multi-coin with auto exchange to BTC / Easy to use Mining Software!!!
MultiPoolMULTI !!!PPLNS1.5%<1%Multi-coin
AntPoolBTCPPLNS & PPS2.5% fee~16%Owned by
F2 PoolBTC. LTC, NMC, SYS, EMCPPS3% fee~10%
Slush's PoolBTC, ZECScore2% fee~5%World's first BitCoin mining pool
BTCCBTC, LTCSPV2% fee~8.5%Chinese pool (exchange and wallet)
BTCPPLNS0.5%<1%Low fee
KanoPoolBTCPPLNSG0.9%<1%Low fee, founded in 2014

If you want to list your mining pool on this page – Contact us.

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